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About Arima

Guest House Arima is a unique and attractive place suitable for family holidays as well as company events. The guest house has 8 double and 4 triple rooms, each of which has its own individual style, with a total capacity of 35 guests. The rooms are comfortably furnished, each of them having satellite TV, Wi-Fi, local heating, and some of the rooms have air conditioning and terraces.
къща за гости Арима
Guest House Arima has a dining room which functions as a restaurant with a young team of chefs and waiters, offering a wide variety of Bulgarian and European cuisine.

For our guests, there is a large summer garden, outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, children’s playground, barbecue, sauna, massages, games room (PlayStation), poker room, billiards, table football, table tennis. In case of interest, we organize: camps for children, scout outings, ATV trips, bicycles, safaris, as well as various kinds of celebrations.

Unique nature, marvelous silence, tranquility and pleasant surroundings — all leading you to the pretty and attractive Arima Guest House.

There, a friendly and welcoming team will meet you, accommodate you and offer you a real feast!

It seems as if the time has stopped here and you’ve moved into a new and different reality!

уютни стаи

Cozy Rooms

Красива Природа

Beautiful Nature

вкусни гозби

Delicious Food

много забавления

Plenty of Fun

Landmarks around Arima

Arima is situated close to some historical sites that will surely impress you! The town of Veliki Preslav, the Madara Horseman, the Patleyna Nature Reserve, the old capital of Bulgaria — the city of Pliska, the town of Shumen — “The Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria”, the Old Town, many museums and cultural monuments!

The village of Sushina is situated on the banks of Ticha dam — at the foot of the magnificent Stara Planina Mountain, along the road between Shumen — Preslav — Varbitsa. It is the third largest in Bulgaria, after Iskar Dam and Dospat Dam. In the dam, you can catch bream, carp, catfish, caraway, white fish, chub and rudd.

Extremely convenient for tourists is the possibility of hunting. In the vicinity, there is a hunting and game reserves, with stocks of reindeer, roedeer, wild boar.

Besides the amazing nature, there are also two mineral springs with proven healing qualities. The water in the first one is healing for the gastrointestinal tract, and the water in the salt spring is for people with eye diseases. They are 5km away from the village of Sushina.

Историко-археологически резерват Велики Преслав

National Historical and Archeological Reserve “Veliki Preslav”

Preslav The National Historical and Archeological Reserve with a Museum “Veliki Preslav” is situated on the ruins of the old Bulgarian capital Preslav (893-972) and covers around 500 ha of its area. The institution has a long history and aims to search, explore, preserve and popularize the cultural heritage of this ancient and mystical city.

More than a century of research has shown that Preslav was conceived and built by its creators as a magnificent city worthy of rivalry to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople.

Национален историко-археологически резерват Плиска

National Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Pliska”

Capital of the First Bulgarian State founded by Asparuh. On an area of 23 km2, there are remnants of monumental architectural sites. The archeological museum shows the population’s life, material and spiritual culture from the 7th-10th century.

It was founded by Khan Asparuh in 681, probably on an old Slavic settlement. Pliska was the capital of Bulgaria until 893. Centennial archaeological excavations reveal the remains of the “outer” and “inner” city, the Throne Pavilion, the Little Palace, a pagan temple, a palace church, a water reservoir, bathrooms, the industrial and residential buildings, and 1.5 km from the Eastern Gate, you will find the foundations of an impressive cathedral temple — the Great Basilica.

Историческически резерват Мадара

Madara Historical Reserve

The richness of archaeological monuments dating from the 4th millennium BC to the 15th century is the reason researchers are calling Madara “the Bulgarian Troy”. The most remarkable monument in the reserve is the unique rock relief of the Madara Horseman. The only one in Europe, it is a model of Old Bulgarian art and symbolizes the power and majesty of the Bulgarian state.

The inscriptions around it, written in Greek, reveal the exploits of three Bulgarian khans — Tervel, Krum and Omurtag. Since 1972, the Madara Horseman has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Историко-археологически резерват „Шуменска крепост“

Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Shumen Fortress”

The Shumen Fortress rises 3km west of the town of Shumen — the fortress has existed for more than 3,200 years. The area was populated in the early Iron Age (12th century BC). Later, forts were erected by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines. During the Early and late Middle Ages, Shumen Fortress was a Bulgarian stronghold with a significant role in history. It existed in the initial period of the Ottoman rule. In 1444, during the crusade of Władysław II Jagiełło, it was destroyed and burned.

The fortress is one of the best-studied archeological sites in the country. Fortress and religious architecture, residential and farm buildings and thousands of movable monuments bear witness to the various functions in different eras, especially during the time of the second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Комплекс-паметник Създатели на Българската държава

Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument Complex

The Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument. The monument was opened on 28.11.1981, commemorating 1,300 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian state, and recreates the most important moments from the history of the First Bulgarian Kingdom from Asparuh to Simeon. The work of a creative team, with manager Prof. Krum Damyanov.

The complex composition of eight concrete bodies built at different angles, forming two semi-halls, alternating shade and penumbra, rhythm and form, contrast and harmony.